Below is a listing of our entire product line. Each machine series includes multiple machine configurations. Most of our machinces are compact, portable, and can be operated in any position. We also offer multiple power pack options (air, gasoline, diesel, and electric), and our power packs have a very small footprint. Please click a series name or image to view more information and pictures for each of the different machine configurations that are available.

Scorpion 400 Series

400 Series

OD Range: 1" to 5" (base) and up to 8" with added accessories
Torque: 5,000 ft-lbs makeup / 8,000 ft-lbs breakout
Our smallest and most compact machine, the 400 series is perfect for applications with smaller tools that require low torque. Very good in situations where space is limited. Some examples are smaller testing facilities, thru tubing and horizontal directional drilling (HDD).
Scorpion 600 Series

600 Series

OD Range: 2-7/8" to 5" (base) and 1" to 11" with added accessories
Torque: 20,000 ft-lbs makeup / 30,000 ft-lbs breakout
Higher torque and OD capacity but still compact enough to fit into very tight spaces. Adds a bench/bucking configuration (not pictured) for longer tools and a rig model to handle unexpected breakouts. Some examples are mining, refineries, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), fishing tools, and valve and pump assembly.
Scorpion 800 Series

800 Series

OD Range: 5-1/2" to 11" (base) and 2-3/8" to 16" with added accessories
Torque: 45,000 ft-lbs makeup / 50,000 ft-lbs breakout
Mid-range machine good for many applications. Adds a wheeled configuration for mobility. Some examples are water wells, hammer breakout, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), construction, rathole, and pump assembly.
Scorpion 1500 Series

1500 Series

OD Range: 7" to 11" (base) and 2-3/8" to 20" with added accessories
Torque: 65,000 ft-lbs makeup / 80,000 ft-lbs breakout
For applications that require more torque than the 800 series but not quite as much as the 2000 series, the 1500 can cover everything in-between. Examples include casing, drill pipe, oil, gas, and testing facilities.
Scorpion 2000 Series

2000 Series

OD Range: 7" to 11" (base) and 2-3/8" to 36" with added accessories
Torque: 100,000 ft-lbs makeup / 150,000 ft-lbs breakout
Our most versatile makeup and breakout machine/tong, the 2000 series can handle the largest range of tools and produces high torque for very tough joints, yet is still small enough to fit on a pickup truck. Examples include oil and gas rigs, drill pipe, testing facilities, bit servicing, and well servicing.
Scorpion 3000 Series

3000 Series

OD Range: 13" to 18" (base) and 13" to 48" (or more) with added accessories
Torque: 200,000 ft-lbs makeup / 250,000 ft-lbs breakout
This makeup/breakout unit is designed for special applications where OD and torque requirments are not typical. The machine's OD capacity can be customized to your tool sizes.