Oil and Gas Industry

Scorpion Oil Tools offers make up and break out tongs ("Scorpion tongs") that work in all areas of drilling in the oil and gas drilling industry. Many applications require compact and portable tongs because of space limitations, such as on a drilling rig. Scorpion manufactures tongs that take up limited space while being capable of producing torque of over 250,000 ft lbs. The specific torquing required by some applications (such as attaching drill bits) is handled via a torque control that prevents over-torquing and equipment damage. Scorpion tongs can operate in both horizontal and vertical positions and can use a rig's hydraulic system for power, as well as electric and diesel motors. Another key benefit to using a Scorpion is the speed at which it can break out a stuck pipe. Normally, to break out a drill pipe that is stuck, workers must go through a very process that is dangerous, time consuming, and tedious. Flying chains, swinging pipes, and off-the-cuff maneuvers put workers at risk for physical harm. The break out process can take many hours to complete (even as long as a full working day), shutting down all rig operations until it is complete. This down time costs tens of thousands of dollars, significantly driving up a rig's day rate every time a pipe is stuck. The Scorpion can do this same job in a significantly shorter time (i.e. minutes, not hours) and is much safer because there is no use of loose parts or chains to get the job done. The Scorpion can be hoisted up to any height to break out pipes that are stuck even at the top of the rig.